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A 2-HOUR Interactive Workshop That Will Change The Way You Socialize Forever

Every day people are displaying volumes of information that the average person rarely recognizes. Body Language Explained will show you how to identify and make sense of over 100 different nonverbal cues. The class will open your eyes to a world of information you never knew existed and you will walk out the door with the unique ability to read peoples true emotions and desires.



Body Language Explained is a 2-hour, highly interactive introduction to body language and its practical implications. This class will show you how to identify and understand over 75 different nonverbal gestures. This class will show you how to utilize nonverbal communication in dating, relationships, work, and everyday life. This class is designed to be highly interactive: students will gain one-on-one insight from a body language expert and psychology professor. We promise that it will be the most useful evening you’ve ever spent in a classroom!

04.08.15 | 6:00 – 8:00 p.m. | SIGN UP NOW
Body Language Adjustment in Real Time

Having a difficult time with the bar scene or making friends at work? It’s incredibly difficult to know what signs you are communicating on a daily basis. Body Language Explained offers you the unique opportunity to work with a body language expert on the signals you may project. We can spot things in minutes that have been effecting your life for years.

Explore Research on Nonverbal Communication

The Nonverbal Group has a strong commitment to research and has conducted a wide range of studies on nonverbal communication. In our classes, we show footage of blind dates and comment about their nonverbal interactions. Exploring our past and present research is not only an interesting experience, but will strengthen what you have learned.

A Highly Interactive Experience

Interaction is a highly effective method for solidifying new information. An interactive class gives you the opportunity to practice and solidify what you have learned. Through both group participation and one-on-one interactions, we will analyze video footage and make real time adjustments to your body language

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