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Social Interactions Upgraded

When was the Last Time You Worked On Your Social Skills?



A 1 day intensive class guaranteed to transform the beginning, middle, and end of your social interactions


Have you ever had a conversation or social interaction with someone and it's not bad -- it's not like really awkward, or just about the weather….it’s just kinda average and forgettable. On the other hand, have you ever had a conversation that just lights you up? You feel sort of energized, and like you felt like you actually made a connection with someone. Neither of these are a coincidence. There are specific components of a great social interaction and gaining a deeper understanding of them can have a profound impact on your ability to form deep connections with people. Social Interactions Upgraded is a one-day class designed to teach you this skillset.

  • Saturday, September 12th, 2015, 11:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Saturday, September 26th, 2015, 11:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Sunday, October 11th, 2015, 11:00 am - 7:00 pm
We will be covering everything below
  • How to Start a Conversation

    For most people, the start is always the hardest. We know you are “amazing” when you are in the conversation, but you just need to know how to start. This is actually fairly simple. You will learn a quick framework to start conversations powerfully, no matter the person or context.
  • The 3-Step Process to Lower Your Anxiety in Social Interactions

    Social anxiety is something that plagues New Yorkers. It’s part of our culture. The hustle and bustle, the coffee, and the go-go-go. Our conversations often emulate this same frantic pace. And yet, freedom from social anxiety is possible. For a lot of us, it is situational social anxiety. In this class, we examine a simple 3-step strategy that will significantly reduce your anxiety in social settings.
  • How to Powerfully End a Conversation

    How do you end your conversations? Do you pretend you have to get another drink? Use the restroom? How you end a conversation is just as important as how you begin it. Studies on memory indicate that we have the highest levels of recall for both the beginning and the end of social interactions. In this class you will learn how to close a conversation in a way that is in alignment with the impression you would like to make most.
  • How to Introduce Yourself in a Way that is Captivating and Engaging

    What do you do? I work in finance.. Boring.. No one cares. How you introduce yourself is like holding a sign up to the world of who it is that you are. What does your sign say? Our attention spans are so slight that you’ve gotta capture someone’s attention right out of the gate or you might as well not even bother wasting your breath because no one is listening. Learning how to project confidence, no matter who you’re speaking to, will free you up to be present and to connect more effectively with others.
  • How to Use Specific Nonverbal Behaviors to Keep People’s Interest/Attention

    The Nonverbal Group began with a commitment to teach the art of noticing what is being said behind the words. If you hate making small talk, but still give a half-hearted effort; what’s likely, is that the other listener will pick up, not on ‘what’ you are saying, but on ‘how’ you are saying it. To keep people’s interest and attention you will learn what it takes to master congruency. Ensuring that your words and your behavior are a match.
  • How to Tell Stories that Engage, Excite, and Entertain

    Whether we realize it or not stories are everywhere. They are at the very core of what it is to be human and we have been telling stories since we started to communicate. Stories are often the most powerful and effective way to communicate ideas, emotions, and interests, yet people very rarely know how to tell them. We will go over three storytelling frameworks and create your own story bank. Basically, three stories that you can pull out and deliver in any setting.
  • Receive Honest, straight, and constructive feedback of your pre-class/post-class social skills

    The reality is that you very rarely get honest and impartial feedback. We ask our friends and our family. Most people don’t give honest and straight feedback. We will create a space where you will be getting active feedback based on the frameworks that we learned from the people you are interacting with, and of course, those of you who have taken a class with me know that I definitely won’t hold back either.
  • Experiment with each new principle with your classmates in a safe and non judgemental setting

    Everything we learn will be strengthened through constant practice and review. Each reinforcement will clarify what’s working and what’s not until you begin to see noticeable improvement. After the class is over we will go around the block to my favorite no-music/great-conversation bar so we can engage and practice everything we did in class.


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