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A 2-Hour Interactive Experience That Will Change Your Dating Life Forever


“The research and information was simply mind blowing.” “A superb experience!” “Anyone can benefit from this course.”

This is a 2-hour, highly interactive class that will open your eyes to the hidden power of body language and
how it relates to dating. You will learn specific nonverbal behaviors from a body language expert. You will
meet new people. You will have an amazing time. You will never date the same way again. We promise!


Modify Your Body Language To Be
Approached More

There are subtle changes you can make in your body language to make yourself more or less approachable. Practice these nonverbal behaviors as a body language expert makes adjustments in real time.

Learn and Practice Methods for Approaching
Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime

People perceive specific nonverbal gestures as assertive, confident, and of course… sexy! Practice approaching fellow classmates as you get critiqued in real time.

Learn Nonverbal Signs of Attraction in
Men and Women

Attraction is a key element of the dating world, and it is displayed 100% of the time nonverbally. You just need to know what to look for!

Know Exactly When Someone Wants to Be

“Deciding on whether to go in for a kiss isn’t difficult when you know that someone wants it to happen! Learn to look for specific nonverbal cues that indicate someone wants to be kissed.

Learn How Proper Eye Contact Builds
Intimacy and Attraction

Eye contact is an incredibly important tool in dating. Learn gazing techniques that will clearly demonstrate your interest in another, while raising your overall attractiveness.

Learn Methods for Reducing Anxiety in
Social and Dating Situations

Dating is often latent with anxiety and while it is perfectly normal it also can be debilitating. Learn how nonverbal communication can help you reduce anxiety and make you more comfortable in a social environment.

Learn How Text Messages Can Predict
Relationship Success

Text messages can be used to determine the strength and success of a relationship. Learn key points about text communication from research built on over 200,000 lines of text messages.

Learn The Biggest Mistakes That Are Made
on First Dates

We have recorded and analyzed over 50 first dates. Review and discuss this research to guarantee you never make one of these big mistakes.

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