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The class was amazing. Blake was right, after the class you will definitely see the world differently. My Girlfriend and I can't help analyzing our friends body language and laughing at the things they were given away. The class is on the long side (3-hours) but you are never bored and the time will fly. TIP: If you can, try to get there a couple minutes early so you can secure a seat on the really comfortable couch in the middle. It's the best seat!

- Jose P. Bronx, New York


Class was informative and engaging. I would highly recommend for anyone looking at understanding visual connections for dating. I will be taking this course again just for the fact that Blake's personality and way of teaching is different vs the normal classroom or online blog reading. Get there early and talk to Blake. He's knowledgeable on a ton of different topics!

- Wesley, Astoria, New York


Incredible class. I took Blake’s Introduction to Poker Class a couple of months ago and signed up immediately after I heard that the body language class was complete. **About 15 minutes of the introduction to poker class is dedicated to body language and it left me itching for more”” After the class you do really see things differently. My favorite portion was the interactive sessions, where Blake had us act out certain scenes and corrected our body language. Getting 1 on 1 advice from a body language expert is priceless and the little tips he gave me definitely changed the way the world perceives me.

- John, T, New York, New York


What an experience. Within the first 3 minutes you are hooked and the 3 hours will fly by leaving you begging for more. The class showed me just how little I pay attention to body language and why doing so is so important. Blake, who owns the company taught my class and it was amazing. He even stayed for an hour afterwords and continued to give people further advice. It was an eye opening experience and I can't wait for more classes.

- Jesssica, R, New York, New York

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